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Planning a wedding can be difficult because of the many details involved in each aspect of the ceremony, the reception, and the follow-up. 

It is your special day and you want everything to be picture perfect.  You have picked out the dress, found the perfect location, chosen great food, located a wonderful photographer, and you have a guest list that seems to miraculously double every time you look at it.  But do you have the entertainment? 

Many people don’t realize the importance of a great entertainer.  Your hard work was a waste if people don’t have a great time.  Let’s face it, you are the reason they will come and the entertainment is the reason they will stay.  

When making the decision about who to trust with the most important day of your life please consider the following statistics from a recent survey taken of brides after their wedding:

72% of all brides said they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment. 
This happens because they make a quick decision, and look for the cheapest DJ.

94% said they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment. 
This is the result again of choosing the cheapestDJ.  Cheap is never the best; all DJ’s are not trained or have experience in wedding entertainment, and not all are professionals.

During wedding planning brides say that their highest priority is their attire , followed by the reception site and caterer.  In fact reception entertainment was among the least of their priorities.  Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides said they would have made the entertainment their highest priority!  
This tells us that 78% of the Brides surveyed, after looking back at the outcome of their reception, would have taken the time to manipulate their budget so they could have retained a professional DJ.

When asked, 81% of guests say the thing they remember the most about a wedding is the entertainment.  Not the food, not the flowers, not the cake, but the entertainment. 
It only makes good sense to provide your guests with professional quality entertainment.  A wedding is an entertainment function, a celebration of your love, and your guests are looking forward to having fun and sharing in your celebration!

65% of all couples who chose a band to entertain at their wedding reception said if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a Disk Jockey. 
Bands can only play the music they know.  You’re limited to only the music the band knows.  With a professional DJ you get all the music you need to reach everyone’s taste, from the youngest to the oldest.  Often they are not trained in wedding reception Emcee skills and coordination.

Martha Stewart stated in her magazine Martha Stewart Living “the entertainment that you select for your wedding or party is responsible for 80% of the events’ success and the memories you will have for the rest of your life.”

A minimum of 50% of your wedding is spent at the reception.
80% of the reception is the dance.

Don’t cut corners on your entertainment.  Your entertainment is only a small part of your overall budget, but, it is what you and your guests will remember the most!

Your DJ is the key ingredient to having a successful wedding reception.  Make sure your entertainment choice is committed to your needs and willing to make your reception everything YOU want it to be.  Our number one priority is to make your wedding experience one that is elegant and classy, traditional yet unique and most importantly as stress free as possible. 

As an experienced wedding entertainer, we encourage everyone to consider DJ’s to be a crucial part of their wedding day’s success.  No two entertainers are alike.  We take pride in NOT just providing music, but being a professional entertainer, providing services such as planning and consultation services that start with the first phone call or email.

After choosing their DJ based on price alone, many couples must, unfortunately, act more in the capacity of planners.  So, instead of  enjoying their party, the newlyweds must orchestrate the food, then dancing, the cake cutting, the bouquet and garter toss, etc.  Is it any wonder why many newlyweds are exhausted at the conclusion of the reception?

One answer is to hire a wedding consultant to handle all of the details of the reception, at a cost of several hundred dollars plus; an expensive and not always practical solution. 

The better solution…
Hire Night Moves DJ Service for your wedding reception needs!

We offer free personal consultations with every couple so that we can go over every detail of your event from start to finish.  No two weddings are the same, and we know that yours is unique.  We offer different elements of entertainment to make your special day a night to remember.  We do this by meeting with you ahead of time to capture the visions of your wedding, and we give our tasteful suggestions based on your expectations.  We serve as your wedding planner for your reception so that every detail flows smoothly.  You can rest assured that you can enjoy your evening with your guests as we coordinate with your Other Vendors so that they can do an excellent job for you.

When shopping for a DJ, it is very common that the first question asked is about price. We understand that planning a wedding is very expensive and time consuming.  We also understand that you need to compare prices in order to get an idea for your budget.   The DJ is the most important factor in the success of your event.  Price should be your last consideration in looking for a DJ.  Find out how good the DJ is, then consider the price.  And don’t be fooled – you do “get what you pay for.”

We aren’t the cheapest but we are the best.  In wedding terms, anything less than $500-$600 is not professional and will be sub-standard in some way.  DJs cut corners by not having liability insurance, cheap equipment or a poor or not legal music collection.  There are some DJs with whom we simply can’t compete in terms of price.  This is because our standards are high, therefore so are our operational costs.  We believe that the entertainment will decide the success of your event.  Because of this we do not cut corners!!  Before you set your budget, we feel it very important to caution you about the risks of selecting a DJ based solely on price.  Please keep in mind that we are talking about entertainment.  We are a professional entertainment service with years of experience creating fun wedding receptions. 

What We Offer:

Limitless pre-planning
Pleasing and cooperative personalities
Exciting and fun without being overbearing
Professional Equipment
Liability Insurance
An extensive, legal music collection
Level of service that makes our prices an excellent value
We will also act as your entertainment director, making sure your event runs smoothly so that you can relax and have a great time